The cover of the United Kingdom edition of FIFA 15 was Aidan ghazal

“ZOL online game information”, August 22: Premier League Chelsea player aideng·hazhaer recently confirmed that it would be for EA-owned football simulation game of the FIFA 15 United Kingdom Edition’s cover star, of course, and he appears with the General agents of the FIFA series coaches.

The cover of the United Kingdom edition of FIFA 15 was Aidan ghazal
The cover of the United Kingdom edition of FIFA 15 was Aidan ghazal

“I’ve always liked to play FIFA series, let me be the star on the cover of FIFA15 is a great honor for me. “Ghazal said,” now, this latest work can be said to be the most realistic football game I have ever seen. ”

Aideng·azhaer (Eden Hazard) played for Chelsea’s Belgium International, who was born on January 7, 1991. Adjara present supervisor permanent attacking midfielder or winger, with great creativity, speed and ball control but is famous for its style of extensive media highly praised, and speculated that he will have the opportunity to stand next to Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

On the cover in other countries, after recognising Messi continued as the cover star, EA also disclosed for the first time the first United States Edition featured a cover page, Seattle SuperSonics and United States captain kelintedengpuxi will join Macy as of the FIFA15 of the United States and Canada region version of the cover.

Interesting thing is that on the cover of the Xbox version, Dempsey will be wearing Seattle SuperSonics Jersey (Microsoft is the Seattle SuperSonics sponsors), and on the cover of the PlayStation version, Dempsey is wearing a United States national team jerseys.

FIFA15 joined has new of system, let this paragraph game of performance of more of real, this point absolute is undoubtedly, players were with runs players were will found they has has breathing frequency, on like real of players as, while more excellent physical engine, game in the players of hair also will with fluttering, these details aspects of game of let game more of fitting players were of real feel, picture aspects this made making group said also will is mass of flew

FIFA 15 the 4th week best team list released, Robben, David de GEA, bonucci heading the list

Every week in the Premier League or the best players in the international game will be included in EA weekly best squad. In Ultimate Team mode, the player can challenge week team who won the game gold. While players can be obtained by passing the package within the week the players cards, these cards are very collectible.

In the seventh round of the Bundesliga over the weekend, when Bayern Munich’s clash with Hanover, in the 13th minute, Robben RAM passes in front of 14 metres left foot to push a goal. On 79 minutes into the second half, Robben cut inside past the right of 3 people, in front of the 11-meter volley at goal, Robben helped Bayern 4:0 home victory over Hannover, currently ahead of second-place Bayern team, 4 minutes, high on the top of the standings.

FIFA 15 the 4th week best team list released, Robben, David de GEA, bonucci heading the list
FIFA 15 the 4th week best team list released, Robben, David de GEA, bonucci heading the list

Meanwhile, the focal point in the 7th round of the Premier League campaign, United 2:1 home win over Everton, assists di Matta in the race to be number one, and the half in stoppage time, Everton’s penalty opportunities, Lu Kexiao foul in the penalty area, from Leighton Baines penalty but David de GEA miraculous save from Leighton Baines penalty penalty, ultimately helping Manchester United 3 straight at home.

Played in the sixth round of the Serie a top war, Juventus at home against Roma, in the 86th minute, Juve’s cross from the right flank after being ejected from bonucci in front of the 18-meter volley into the bottom left corner of the goal, help create the home side created the Serie a team record 13-game winning streak and a 22-game winning streak in Serie a history.

Week team lists:
The starting lineup
GK: David De Gea – Manchester United (England)
CB: Leonardo Bonucci – Juventus (Italy)
CB: Naldo – VfL Wolfsburg (Germany)
CB: Ricardo Carvalho – AS Monaco (France)
RB: Branislav Ivanović – Chelsea FC (England)
CDM: Marko Vejinović – Vitesse (The Netherlands)
LM: Lorenzo Insigne – Napoli (Italy)
RW (RM): Arjen Robben – Bayern München (Germany)
ST (CAM): Alexandre Lacazette – Olympique Lyonnais (France)
ST: Steven Fletcher – Sunderland (England)
ST: Obafemi Martins – Seattle Sounders (United States)

Substitution lineup:
GK: Michael McGovern – Hamilton Academical (Scotland)
CB: Juanpe – Racing de Santander (Spain)
CAM: Kamil Wilczek – Piast Gliwice (Poland)
LM: Daniel Sobralense – Örebro SK (Sweden)
RM: Moi Gómez – Villarreal CF (Spain)
ST: Semih Şentürk – İstanbul Başakşehir FK (Turkey)
ST: Joel Pohjanpalo – Fortuna Düsseldorf (Germany)

Advanced knowledge of FIFA 15

First look
Buy Low Sell High, don’t be too greedy, only there is profit it can be sold, get cash flow, make money fast, who knows a few days later market price fluctuations, in principle, all goods on sale out as soon as possible. Unless you are optimistic about its follow-up to appreciate a look, pick one of your own in-use League, understand the market. This easy to replenish its lineup, also will look at the scope and target. Some valuable hotpot player, joined the watch List, each time you sign in UT, habitual first Watch List, their focus of players the final sale price. For some time, can know that the player’s current deal price. Foreign trade expert, large area search for a record in a row players price information, record and, later, literally see a listing and comparison of records in their hands, it’s easy to make a decision. This way it was cumbersome to later easily, spend a little more time, feel free to do some deals can get rich. Make money tips.

Advanced knowledge of FIFA 15
Advanced knowledge of FIFA 15

Second find
Each time you sign in UT, habitually Soso to market the sale of these players, once the price is low, and profitable, would be able to consider buying.

Third buy
Buy kid has somebody to bid beyond the psychological price, decisively ending, do not grudge fight money.

Fourth sell
Price certainly to is equal to or slightly below others sale of price, convenient as soon as possible shots, best set a lower of initial price, attract buyers, again set a over you psychological price of a price, many when multiple buyers competing took Shi, is easy a price sold, hot period you has empty words, tone time can a hours, due then again hanging, didn’t empty words do can hanging long points, 6 hours 12 hours 3 days are can, to care buyers of on-line time, traffic is sold of guarantee. Players generally work after school, evening normally played was a hot period, gaming’s biggest market in Europe, in particular the United Kingdom most players, so when they launched in the evening, which is what we here in the early morning session. So I put a 6-hour or 12-hour overnight card, on-line will be harvested in the morning, is the American players in the morning time slot will be harvested every afternoon is the least gains, major regional players are not in prime time. At this time of the night, which belongs to the vast empty Pacific, which translates as an opportunity to buy players, because no one with you Rob, at the weekend, we play more, play, bonuses and more, pockets fat. When is business good time, pay day, plant stall in front of a thriving and a meaning. Trading in various ways, it’s just me some personal advice to the novice, more to be found on their own. I’m not going to tell you who bought, how much money how much money buying and selling. Prices are subject to fluctuations on the one hand, this makes no sense. More importantly, teach a man to fish, and let you find for your trade know-how, there is trading of fun.

FIFA 15 “Manchester City” new trailer look captures are taken from real player

Today, EA released its latest preview trailer of the new FIFA Soccer 15 “Manchester City”, recorded the video Manchester City Club players of the FIFA 15 views, in addition, the video also shows the player emotions and facial capture technology, look at it!

FIFA 15 "Manchester City" new trailer look captures are taken from real player
FIFA 15 “Manchester City” new trailer look captures are taken from real player

In FIFA 15, there is no doubt that the real role models are amazing in their facial expressions are derived from real-life players.

On September 26 the FIFA 15 PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii, PS Vita and the 3DS platform. But the lack of Wiii u platform.

The deep integration of the FIFA 15, Kinect give you chance to yelled at the referee

“The Ranger review” circulated in early June of the FIFA 15 video display, integration in the Xbox 360 version of Kinect voice function in automatically to the actions of the player when the player insults the referee showing a yellow card. But yesterday’s EA Canada distribution is responsible for the product development of the FIFA officials say this function has been modified.
Now players can still use the Kinect microphone to complain about the referee, but the risk of yellow No. Instead, Pro or Manager the Manager mode, reports are written after the game the protest law enforcement’s impact coaching career, and within the period of time remaining in the race referee scale will become more strict.

The deep integration of the FIFA 15, Kinect give you chance to yelled at the referee
The deep integration of the FIFA 15, Kinect give you chance to yelled at the referee

And EA also highlighted in a new teaser video, and Kinect to the Xbox 360 is still a voice for some games such as substitution, variable array, such as passing, shooting, of course, with the best players in video instructions features Gembes is Professor Wu face XD.

FIFA14 usher the World Cup updates, national team debut

Ushered in the FIFA 14 updates of the World Cup, the national team debut, while Brazil still worked for the opening ceremony of the World Cup Itaquerao Stadium in Sao Paulo, but EA’s FIFA 14 is already gearing up, tournament players before the World Cup bring unique experience!

FIFA14 usher the World Cup updates, national team debut
FIFA14 usher the World Cup updates, national team debut

This week 2 update, the official FIFA 14, added the Brazil World Cup participating teams, as well as accompanying events, including game balls and other items has been updated with the on line. But for players from different countries, the biggest change is that now they can control in a brand new matching game team winning glory for the country, so what are you waiting? to download it.

The face of FIFA14 football players has been enormously improved

The FIFA 14 is currently one of EA’s most popular sports games, which retention series authentic football experience, you will also see many detail improvements. The exposure of the video is the FIFA 14 will join a new improved facial enhancement.

The face of FIFA14 football players has been enormously improved
The face of FIFA14 football players has been enormously improved

Players when playing FIFA would like to see their favorite players under the control of his valiant appearance, and no doubt more realistic player faces will greatly improve the gaming experience. The FIFA 14 will be to enhance the player’s face and expression, in this video we can see how workers are caught in addition, this also did not join some faces, we see in this video is from Dortmund, PSG, Tottenham Hotspur, Marseille, Lille and Everton players of these teams are receiving facial capture.

Of course, in addition to facial enhancement of the FIFA 14 will also join many other features, more latest news shows will land the next generation Xbox.

This will land serving platform on September 24, 2013. Next-Gen platform release date is unknown for the time being.

You Really regard yourself as Lionel Messi? League One banned players playing FIFA14

 Really regard yourself as Lionel Messi? League One banned players playing FIFA14
Really regard yourself as Lionel Messi? League One banned players playing FIFA14

Often athletes signing when the Club will be indicated in the contract when in peacetime training and competition are not allowed to do things, is for athletes to maintain good mental and physical strength. Also in the football club, they tend to ban players promiscuity or get blind drunk the night before the game, the former Sunderland boss Paolo di canio and even tried to ban his players from doing any thing not good for exercise and competition, are not allowed to drink Coke to ice bath when not singing.

Even football coaches in China to encourage or require the player to play some games, they think the players play these games for routine training is very good, but not absolutely, United Kingdom a team requires players allowed to play the game. In recent days, achieved good results in the new season’s League one Leyton Orient team, suddenly issued a rule prohibiting players playing the football game FIFA 14.

League one Leyton Orient since the start of the season unbeaten and ranked, but they do not want FIFA to 14 ruin this good result. This is why? Listen to PR Manager of Leyton Orient, Davis gives his own interpretation.

“We have foldable massage table, coffee machine and Sky TV signal, but was most excited about the PS3 game console. Most of the journey, led by Lloyd-jizhanmusi, everyone is addicted to FIFA in 14 games, or are they still in play until the game against Oldham. So team officials decided immediately issued a new rule: don’t play the game FIFA. Coaches spent hours playing football games on TV is not conducive to players in the real race in the State.

Leyton Orient take 8-game winning streak prior to the start of the season, but after FIFA published 14, they were two games in a row with the opponent at 1-1, including the last game played Oldham. So playing FIFA 14 might be more harm than good. Otherwise, they just want to play, perhaps in the game with Barcelona or Bayern Munich instead of their own.

Recent sale of the FIFA 14 in the United Kingdom is very popular, especially these who are football players, have a passion for football game this time. From the Leyton Orient team public relations manager said, this game is so welcomed by the members of their team, have already taken up players need time to rest, even confusing his identity. Look at it this way, they barred players play FIFA 14 are also considered plausible.

Qualifying tool, FIFA Online3 penalty stopper skills sharing

Qualifying tool, FIFA Online3 penalty stopper skills sharing
Qualifying tool, FIFA Online3 penalty stopper skills sharing

FIFA Online3 penalty defense really has a lot of tips that you can follow, we sometimes feel is offering psychological and luck game, you actually grasp of detail also tend to determine success or failure, there are details that you hold, you will win the game!

In this version, individuals feel kick push, low speed is very slow (compared to) so don’t suggest that you hit a flat ball. Defending and vice versa. Now lay the corner of the landlord seldom encounter love rival, more suitable tempo changes.

FIFA Online3 penalty a couple of tricks:
FIFA Online3 penalty of their goalkeeper in goal property. First we can spare some time to take a closer look, attributes that the gatekeepers of the highest. Response to GK response, diving, stations all have an impact. What jobs use which one.
FIFA Online3 penalty according to the opponent’s preferred foot, swing time and the head judge.

Individual stars a little ball, but most people approach-shot. This familiarity will be able to judge for yourself, can preclude the action in advance.

Because the penalty shot is needed to press the arrow and direction and do not loosely. So the ball will swing to the head, and judging by the swing arc direction. Minor swing-the keeper near the middle or obviously—-swing in the opposite direction, continuous minor swing—preferred foot direction (left in his right foot, left foot, right)

FIFA Online3 penalty not to stand still, and gambling.
Penalty defense is mental + players and luck status of confrontation if the game first came out standing still can deceive an opponent, then it is dead.
No matter what goalkeeper can jump to operation chip the ball, giving opponents ‘ penalty ‘ feeling of increased heart pressure.

FIFA Online3 penalty ball does not move, you don’t move.
3 not 2, goalkeeper moves slowly, if you move your opponent hits you first villain is difficult to remedy. Basic height above 1.8-meter and the keeper, standing in the middle to chip the ball in both directions, right direction there will be opportunities to jump.

FIFA Online3 penalty shooting rhythm changes.
Do not change frequently serve direction, not an angle fined three or more times in a row. Encountered a literal opponent you belch fart. So twice within changing rhythm, rhythm direction on excessive angle for best low, Middle LOB (spoon), the high point shot the ball.

FIFA Online3 penalty to ensure his own shooting, to seek defense.
No need to explain, and ensure that the hit rate can be guaranteed a chance of winning, of course, luck is also important!

All of these details FIFA Online3 penalty as long as they focused on in the competition and who are able to use, I believe your qualifying shootout WINS will certainly improve.

The English and Chinese version of the FIFA 15 will only land PS4 and Xbox One

The English and Chinese version of the FIFA 15 will only land PS4 and Xbox One
The English and Chinese version of the FIFA 15 will only land PS4 and Xbox One

According to other Internet disclosure: the FIFA 15 will be available in the English version, and it will be landed only PS4 on September 23, Xbox One. The Version
will include pushing regular Edition and ultimate Edition available for players to choose. While the PS3 and XBOX 360 versions have only been introduced in English.

Chinese Ultimate Edition contains the FIFA 15 reads as follows:
-The International Confederation competition 15 of the English version of the game ontology
-FUT Gold Pack 40 (via Golden Football ACE champion brings a package each week 1 set)
-Adidas all-star team (using elite against nemesis)
History-famous Club jerseys (with famous clubs across the world glory Jersey football history)
-Adidas Predator shoes combined (with 5 pairs of Predator boots let the world know you are successful)
-Goal celebration (including kissing the wrist, standing tall, kicking the corner flag, 3 exclusive celebration)

Messi FUT on loan (great Messi played 5 games for you)
Adopted in the FIFA 15 “simulation video players” ultra-realistic play on the pitch. Grass on the course will follow the player moves and changes across the ball of the feet. Development team of the FIFA series according to the rendering of human activity for the first time, create a vivid atmosphere, players are much more lifelike, made football more like the real world in the virtual world. New way to meet new players-and costume-making system, allowing each player in terms of look and feel more athletic and healthier and more natural.

As the game progresses, the pitch leaving boot marks caused by trampling and slide tackles interceptions, player’s shirt and socks are also stained with mud and stains. Other Visual effects include changes in the light emitting diode gantry flying billboards, corner flags and shaking, realistic atmosphere may make the player total devotion to the game.