On the success of the FIFA dream team

On the success of the FIFA dream team
On the success of the FIFA dream team

FM: and copies of the game were sold compared to FUT create sales?

AC: this really is difficult to calculate, because FIFA is not a game that only by selling copies of the game proceeds, statistics are in constant change. Last year, there are 500,000 gamers join FUT, paying and non-paying players, we know that FUT not paid can be in play, and can earn virtual currency, you can draw a card. Of course, after attempts in free mode, we can directly pay with a faster speed to obtain a variety of cards. So it forms a continuous growth in spending for the new model. All in all, a really hard question to answer.

FM: Will Riolo (football columnist and radio host) et Ménès’s participation conflict with the advertising effect of FUT itself?

AC : In our view, that’s the best FIFA game modes for soccer fans, we want to build the best team. Our passion for adjustment, rebuilding will never be satisfied, FUT mode was produced for this purpose. On one hand,We played as the executive controlling of the overall situation, on the other hand, opening card packs will bring us happiness like children and then we will constantly make changes. There is also some RPG (role playing game) feeling, because we can give player equipment props cards. This model mixed the elements loved by football fans and game fans together. After invested in some time, we decided to extend this model because it’s great for players to enjoy. Of course, at the same time it gave us extra income, which is nothing worth to hide. We are satisfied to exchange and cooperate with Pierre Ménès and Psyko17, the well-known sports journalist. We can see the war of words between Pierre Ménès Patrice Evra (Note: statement on Twitter exchanges, specific content didn’t see), such a purely football perspective is very important to us, because he is also a gamer. He used to play FUT with Gignac, they won in the end. However, this is not our market strategy, but rather his own actions. We let Riolo joined, because both of them have the confrontation (Note: he and Pierre Ménès play Video of FUT 13 YouTube, if it is convenient,you can search on the YouTube. It seems that it is comment, I didn’t see it). Now, we are starting to incorporate more players to join. After Gignac, we attracted Raphael Varane who played for Real Madrid and matuyidi in Paris. YouTube celebrity Psyko17 also joined us, he connected reporters, football player with the game player (Note: Gignac have ever worked with Pierre Ménès Psyko17 playing FUT, there is video on the home page on YouTube), FIFA fans huddled together gradually.

Full news and informations about the FIFA 15

The soccer simulation game “FIFA 15″ sell by EA will give players a higher level of visual enjoyment . The game uses Ignite engine of EA which was used by UFC. The frames of FIFA will be truly innovated, the details of the whole body, the actions and the physical damage effects are quite in place. FIFA 15 will log in PS4,PS3,Xbox one,Xbox 360 and PCon September 23, 2014.

Full news and informations about the FIFA 15
Full news and informations about the FIFA 15

1. Game introduction

EA said that the charter module of the game will be more real, the vivid description of the player’ face is the features of the game, Thanks for the game engine brings these amazing lighting effects, let the players looking more realistic and lifelike.

the new role module and body equipment systems also joined “FIFA 15″ , EA said that they will give players a more efficient and robust feeling. In addition, the game will also provide visible breathing, as well as hair fluttering. In the game, jerseys will be more dirty because of dirt and grass, and slippery shovel will leave marks on the grass.

2. New Features

More than 600 kinds of emotional reactions will appear in the game, players will now respond to a major scene now, just as in reality. Each player will be produced views or feelings on teammates and opponents.
The 22 players in the field will be given to what happens on the pitch to make their response, tackle mistakes, missed opportunities and key goals, and so on. Facial expressions and body language can make you experience the players feelings more.

Dynamic presentation
Vivid game will let you back immersed in every wonderful moment. Custom behavior means that fans’ cheering is made based on a specific club or country. For example, Liverpool fans’cheering at Anfield is significantly different from Boca fans’ cheering in the stadium candy. The iconic stadium construction will further enhance the authenticity, fans model has been reproduced, and the atmosphere is unique. Game commentator will mention the fans reaction, for example, Manchester City fans are singing the team song to play the wave. Caddie animation, bench players and vivid LED screen will appear in the game. In addition,in the “FIFA 15″, you will see people get together to celebrate the absolute praise scene after scoring 10!

Team tactics
In “FIFA 15″, your teammates and opponents in the race will be re-organized tactical style according to the situation, to compete for the initiative. Swing bus, grab to spit, drag the time –you need to overcome one by one. You can also set your team swing bus, restrain the opponent’s tactics.
You can see the AI use the long-ball style to bash the restricted area when they lag behind, or kick the ball to the corner flag to delay of the game.
In “FIFA 14″, your opponent will always try to control the ball, and sometimes they cautiously rolling in the ball to make you annoyed. In “FIFA 15″ where they can act actively,positively driving forward and never look back - it makes your game experiences more colorful.

Real visual effects

This is what football need in NextGen, thanks for the rendering technology, in FIFA15 you can observe the players’ faces in details, this is the first time in history. You can see the flowing hair and facial expressions. The new   cool modeling allows you to tell the players is thin or strong or excellent in athletic.intuitively.
The swing of the jerseys is very real, it will changes with the environment As the match progresses, shirt will stain with mud because of the grass and dirty.

Fresh stadium

In the “FIFA 15″, boots will leave footprints. As the time goes by, the trace of the battle will leave in the surface of the grass. Footprints, slippery turf debris and shovel marks will appear. Corner flag can move now! The goal framewill be shaking when it was strongly impacted . Even the authenticity of the stadium LED screen has also been strengthened.

Dexterous ball control and precisely guide
In “FIFA 15″, you can avoid the entanglement of defender man easily, by using the world’s top football skills.The movement of the players is real and effective, the ability to maintain balance has improved, the personality and response of the players are also greatly enhanced.
rapid dribbling let the players can effectively control the ball at high speed motion and facing closing down . For example Messi, now he can do the dribbling action as in the real condition.The trajectory of the ball will change “FIFA 15″ process of the game. You can see the spinning ball to draw an arc to find the target as if was precision-guided. The physics effects of dribbling, passing, stopping the ball and blocking a shot all have been strengthened.

One single out

In “FIFA 15″, the atmosphere of fighting spread to the entire stadium. Players will be more fully utilized the body and closing down to compete for and keep the ball, so you need to command the correct location and timing.
The new against action and fell to the ground action bring different feelings. The new production technology make the pulling of the jerseys can be seen.
You can command and locate the ball. Controlling the player without the ball to catch the long throws, corner kick and free kicks, they can be moved to the best position to create opportunities.

New revolution! FIFA 15 Goalkeeper will be more intelligent!

New revolution! FIFA 15 Goalkeeper will be more intelligent!
New revolution! FIFA 15 Goalkeeper will be more intelligent!

In FIFA 15, EA has re-acquisition of more than 50 kinds of goalkeeper action, AI in the game has been enhanced. All character models have completely reshaped. Goalkeeper will moves, observe and consider the next step of action, the next generation game will give us a more really Goalkeeper!

More responsive

Goalkeeper will react with different situation. If made the wrong direction they will adjust stations, will also make full use of the limbs and torso to make fighting action, FIFA 15 also let goalkeeper has more real reaction when face with diffult to grab shot. Goalkeeper will predict the ball route in most cases, and then make a series of actions to fight the blaze.

Better decisions

The goalkeeper in FIFA 15 will be more clever, when need the goalkeeper make decisions and choices, they will give players a “smarter or real performance”.

New shot line

With the shot line element, the goalkeeper in the fifa 15 will show a more rational actions. More responsive and with the re-acquisition of the new actions from the professional goalkeepers, EA sports will try to show a more different FIFA 15 to every players.

XBOX version exclusive! FIFA 15 will add the new legends!

In the just-concluded Gamescom Cologne Game Show Microsoft xbox conference, FIFA 15 executive producer David Rutter announced FIFA Ultimate Team Legends will join the new veteran players.

XBOX version exclusive! FIFA 15 will add the new legends!
XBOX version exclusive! FIFA 15 will add the new legends!

New legends list:

Franco  Baresi Franz Beckenbauer Laurent Blanc
Andreas  Brehme Roberto Carlos Brian Laudrup
Michael  Laudrup Roy Keane Sir Bobby Moore
Jay-Jay  Okocha  Butragueño Santos  Peter Schmeichel
Alan  Shearer Hristo Stoichkov Carlos Valderrrama

Already have list:

Dennis  Bergkamp Fernando Hierro Robert Pirès
Oliver  Bierhoff Filippo Inzaghi Frank Rijkaard
Sol  Campbell Patrick Kluivert David Seaman
Fabio  Cannavaro Henrik Larsson Teddy Sheringham
Rui  Costa Jens Lehmann Andriy Shevchenko
Hernán  Crespo Gary Lineker Davor Šuker
Frank de  Boer Freddie Ljungberg Marco van Basten
Marcel  Desailly Paolo Maldini Edwin van der Sar
Paulo  Futre Lothar Matthäus Ruud van Nistelrooy
Stefan  Effenberg Gary Neville Patrick Vieira
Robbie  Fowler Michael Owen Christian Vieri
Ruud  Gullit Pauleta George Weah
Gheorghe  Hagi Pelé Gianfranco Zola
Luis Figo Pavel Nedvěd

Bad news, FIFA 15 would not have the Domestic Brazil Teams

Its time to say the FIFA 15 is coming soon. Too many news come from the EA Sports about the FIFA 15. Fans are very care about the league authorize in FIFA 15.

FIFA 15 would not have the Domestic Brazil Teams

Now, the latest news from EA Sports:

“Today, we want to inform you that due to some changes in the ways players are licensed in Brazil domestic leagues, we were unable to reach an agreement with the Brazilian rights holders for their inclusion in FIFA 15,” EA said in a statement.

“While this is unfortunate news for many of our fans, we were able to retain the Brazil National Team in FIFA 15 as well as the Brazilian stars that play in other top leagues around the world. Thanks for your understanding as we continue to keep the lines of communication open with the Brazilian rights holders.”

Do not worry about this, EA Sports will be get the Domestic Brazil Teams authorize in FIFA 15. The only question is “how much money does the EA Sports pay for it?”

FIFA 15 obtain official authorization by Italian Serie A

At the recent days, FIFA 15 obtain official authorization by Italian Serie A.

FIFA 15 obtain official authorization by Italian Serie A

For this, Seire A fans will be satisfied by FIFA 15, according to our news from the Italian side: all 20 Serie A team will be joined into the FIFA 15.

These licenses include:
- Serie official logo
- League trophy
- Official ball
- All 20 teams in the tournament and the team logo clothing

In addition, EA SPORTS has been trying for more athletes to scan capture, to let the audience and one of the world’s most widely League show in the virtual world more real.

FIFA 15 obtain official authorization by Italian Serie A

Finally Tips: FIFA 15 will be listed in North America on September 23, available in Europe on September 25, in the UK on September 26.

PSV FIFA 14 Reviews with game screenshots

fifa 14 PSV reviewAs one of the best sports game now, the FIFA 14 also have pay attention to the handle platforms, This time i will try to make a review about the PSV verison FIFA 14, if you like this, you can pay more attention to my blog. thanks.

Point 1: the game bugs.

fifa 14 PSV review (4) fifa 14 PSV review (3)Compared with the FIFA 12, I have not found the old bugs at FIFA 14. its a good news for me. you know the Roles disappear BUG, is very deadly for the FIFA games.

Point 2: the new suits.

fifa 14 PSV review (15) fifa 14 PSV review (21) fifa 14 PSV review (10)FIFA 14 PSV version have added some new jerseys and sports footwears. I love it, its cool and very fashionable.

Points 3: Rain effect.

fifa 14 PSV review (9) fifa 14 PSV review (6) fifa 14 PSV review (18)

EA offcical said, the rain effect is the very important effect in the FIFA 14. For this, I am not very satisfied, at least PSV version is no good performance.



Messi was used in the FIFA 15 game cover again! After FIFA Street,FIFA 13 and FIFA 14, this time is the 4th time that have the “Messi cover”.

In the last season, the 27-year-old Lionel Messi scored 28 league goals for Barcelona, and as captain led Argentina to break into the World Cup finals and scored four goals, also won the best player (World Cup Golden Ball) honor.

Since November 2011 Messi as a EA EA SPORTS Football Ambassador, Messi not only repeatedly made ​​the cover of FIFA games, but also through his foundation with EA SPORTS to build up a street ball court in Barcelona area.

FIFA 15 Release date and the new functions

FIFA 15, which will be launched in Sept, offers several characteristics.

In line with GameSpot, the action will certainly element tresses movement, noticeable breathing in, and greater system rigging.

EA designers have explained they’re seeking to capitalize on sensible soccer online game previously having FIFA 15, which will be launched with the LAPTOP OR COMPUTER, PLAYSTATION 3 SLIM, PS4, Xbox live One particular, and Xbox.

fifa 15 release date
fifa 15 release date

“From the most sensible gamers previously developed inside a FIFA identify to totally realized sides having existing pitches, this year we’ve produced a complete new amount of visuals towards the online game, ” senior producer Chip Channon explained, in line with GameSpot, and included of which “incredible visuals are just a single section of the FIFA 15 report. ”

The modern visuals and system rigging enables gamers to be “powerful and powerful, ” they included.

FIFA 15 can come out September. 1, 2014 for those tools.

AP bring up to date regarding World Cup: Wonderful World Cup finishes having marquee remaining

RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — The most important online game in sports, the world Cup remaining, is underway, while using marquee match-up of Indonesia next to Argentina capping an excellent 32-day pageant with the activity and Brazilian.


The successful chief, sometimes Argentina onward Lionel Messi as well as Indonesia defensive player Philipp Lahm, will certainly soon carry aloft the most known trophy in sports, saw by means of vast sums of telly visitors around the world and 74, 000 race fans on the Maracana Ground.

The world-famous area situated amid Rio de Janeiro’s mountains, high-rises and favelas seemed to be loaded towards the casing having energetic lovers and deliberately dressed up Vip’s. That they included Us president Vladimir Putin of Paris, your next World Cup sponsor in 2018, along with nationwide commanders, as well as a dropping of celebrities. Supermodel Gisele Bundchen snuggled having the girl partner, NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE celeb Mary Brady. Leader FIFA explained stars Daniel Craig and Ashton Kutcher and NBA celeb Lebron David will be inside masses, far too.

German born Chancellor Angela Merkel asked for just a spectator’s selfie and clapped excitedly since the girl nationwide staff arrived to help warm-up, noisally cheered. A lot of Brazilians was rooting with the three-time champion, just about the most ousted Brazilian inside semifinals, simply because they did not would like to help Argentina, their powerful sports compete with.

The government financial aid Berlin, the monster masses explained by means of specialists to become quarter-million strong crammed facing large TELEVISION SET monitors on the German born capital’s famous Brandenburg Entrance in pouring rainfall.

Rio’s Copacabana beach teemed having ecstatic lovers. 1000s of Argentines descended about the metropolis, hiking and traveling in convoys to be right here, their glowing blue and whitened staff colors similar to magnifying mirrors in the Rio skies having fluffy whitened clouds — best weather conditions regarding sports.

“Messi will certainly lift the item! Messi will certainly lift the item! ” Argentine lovers chanted away from Maracana.

Perhaps Pope Francis seemed to be preserving an eye fixed through the Vatican. The Argentine-born, football-loving pontiff pledged neutrality, ensuring to never hope for almost any staff. Nevertheless, Francis would twitter about the eve in the remaining: “The World Cup permitted persons coming from distinct places and religions ahead collectively. ”

Additionally, it put on show Brazilian, beneficial sides and undesirable. Together with $13 thousand in paying, last-minute scrambling and exactly what Brazilians contact “jeitinho” — their famous capacity to improvise alternatives — To the south America’s largest region ripped collectively the competition all over 12 far-flung sponsor urban centers.

That has been stimulating regarding Olympic officials anxious of which Rio is sliding having supplements with the 2016 Games. Traveling to Rio and it is Olympic village-to-be, Worldwide Olympic Panel Us president Jones Bach acknowledged Brazilians’ “passion and efficiency” and their primary World Cup in 64 years. Bach seemed to be on the remaining, far too.

The competition is going to be recalled regarding thrilling sports and since it went and so smoothly, without any logistical disasters with the thirty-two teams and tons of travelling lovers. At this time there furthermore seemed to be not any do it again of large general public protests of which unsettled final year’s warm-up competition, your Confederations Cup. Major law enforcement safety measures all-around spots furthermore dissuaded dissent. The harder when compared with twenty five, 000 law enforcement and troopers stationed in Rio with the remaining mixed to provide the largest safety measures depth in B razil record.

The mostly whitened and seemingly well-off ground packed areas returned Brazil’s stark financial inequalities. This became some sort of Cup of which Brazil’s black and mixed-race not as good individuals largely noticed coming from very far in telly.

Damaged pledges of new subway outlines along with life-improving commercial infrastructure to help join your 12 all-new as well as remodeled World Cup sides returned badly in Brazil’s paperwork, since would allegations of which virus ridden general public servants skimmed off finances. The unfinished overpass flattened, getting rid of a couple, inside sponsor metropolis of Belo Horizonte where by, times afterwards, Indonesia humiliated Brazilian, pulling huge amounts of tears all over that nation of 250 mil persons.

Brazilians will certainly extended repent of which historical 7-1 loss inside semifinals and consider your embarrassment might have been definitely avoided had the back harm certainly not conned all of them of Neymar, Brazil’s ideal gambler. Compounding their regret, Brazilian furthermore shed 3-0 towards the Netherlands in Saturday’s match up regarding next spot.

Brazil’s web design manager, Dilma Rousseff, and FIFA web design manager Sepp Blatter will certainly collectively found your trophy towards the invariably winners. That isn’t, in truth, the mug yet a 18-carat platinum statue of a pair of players, having biceps and triceps increased, possessing our planet. At 6. 1 kilos (13. 6 pounds), it truly is bulkier than a newborn. FIFA engraves your brand in the invariably winners about the foundation in the trophy yet doesn’t let all of them retain the item, alternatively going for the gold-plated reproduction.

These kinds of is the high intensity of their footballing competition having Argentina that many Brazilians is going to be expecting Indonesia wins the final World Cup and primary given that 1990.

“It is ludicrous regarding Brazilians to help root regarding Argentina. This can not be, ” explained Renata Braga, the enthusiast in Rio.

Germany’s clever, approaching, regimented sports achieved it arguably the most amusing staff in Brazilian. Together with 19 goals prior to a remaining, it absolutely was the biggest scorer.

Argentina wasn’t since fancy yet rode your pro of Messi, your four-time world gambler in the season having his / her ideal World Cup.

When the finalists credit score a pair of far more involving all of them Sunday, that World Cup should have produced far more goals when compared with any one of the 19 predecessors.

Glory regarding Argentina might consider the total of games to help several, even now a pair of less than Brazil’s history a few.

A primary World Cup gain regarding Messi might add gas to help incessant fights relating to the To the south U . s . neighbours in relation to regardless of whether they and Diego Maradona, Argentina’s chief any time the item final picked up in 1986, usually are worthwhile means to help Pele, the sole gambler to help gain several World Cups.

Argentine lovers sang Brazil-taunting tunes. Simply because can’t celebrate some sort of Cup gain, second-best regarding Brazilians will be their neighbours heading property dissatisfied.

FIWC World Finals will be held in Rio de Janeiro, July 2-3


FIWC Total 2014 World Finals will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in July this year, from 2 to 3, this is the FIWC World Finals tenth game, but also a very special session,because the 2014 Brazil World Cup will be held at the same time and the same place, this is the first time ever FIWC!

After a fierce battle after a few months, and ultimately the success of a total of 20 players from 1,997,689 contestants to win, they will compete for up to $ 20,000 championship prize. In the final scene will be invited to the world-renowned players as well as the FIFA Golden Globe winner to the scene.

About FIWC tournament:

FIWC is jointly organized a big football game on FIFA World tournament by FIFA and its partners EA SPORTS and Sony PlayStation. There are more than 5 million players worldwide to participate in the competition. Continents players need to qualify for the World Finals obtain qualifications through qualifying, first prize of up to $ 20,000.

2014 FIWC World Finals list:

Adam Johnston (Ireland)
Adrien Viaud (France)
Alban Xhemajli (Netherlands)
Anders Bollerup (Denmark)
August Rosenmeier (Denmark)
Bruce Grannec (France)
David Bytheway (England)
Farid Diffallah (France)
Irving Velasques (Mexico)
Johan Simon (France)
Jorrick Boshove (Netherlands)
Julien Dassonville (France)
Krasimir Ivanov (Bulgaria)
Marian Avram (Romania)
Michael Ribeiro (USA)
Ovidiu Patrascu (Romania)
Rafael Fortes (Brazil)
Steven van de Vorst (Netherlands)
Tihomir Kolev (Bulgaria)
Ty Walton (England)